+ Engineered Hardware Solutions for Dragonframe Software +
Arc Motion Control proudly introduces the VOLO. From the creators of Dragonframe software, this versatile camera crane was designed specifically for the art of stop motion animation. Solid repeatable motion on a rock solid base that’s also easily repositioned or moved from stage to stage. The VOLO’s neutral camera height was designed to complement sets built at the animator’s standing position. The VOLO’s base has a high and low mode, allowing shots that skim the ground or reach as high as 10ft with the head over-slung.
With the release of Dragonframe 3.0 in November 2011, DZED Systems advanced the possibilities of motion control for stop motion software. By integrating a multi-axis, bezier spline keyframe interface directly within the software, Dragonframe 3.0 changed the way moves are set up, tested, and controlled during animation.
Director Jamie Caliri used Arc Moco’s flagship product, VOLO, to create the moving shots for the Shins’ video “The Rifle’s Spiral.”
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